We believe that our business model can be a force for change in the industry and set a new standard for sustainable food.  

Food Sourcing

We are dedicated to becoming a leader in responsible and transparent food sourcing. We plan to:  

  • Use seasonal, locally-sourced, and organic ingredients whenever possible

  • Purchase food grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and/or using regenerative practices

  • Source meat that is humanely raised and processed, without added antibiotics or hormones

  • Work with leaders in sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices

Food Waste

As we grow, we have a huge opportunity to reduce food waste by: 

  • Donating excess food to feed those facing food insecurity in our communities 

  • Utilizing compost and anaerobic digestion to create renewable energy 

  • Achieving our goal of zero food waste to landfill  

  • Assessing our waste streams to evaluate future upcycled opportunities

Healthy Buildings

Our goal is to leverage our real estate to make a positive environmental impact. Our initiatives include: 

  • Pursuing zero waste at all our customer locations 

  • Maintaining LEED certification of our Central Kitchen 

  • Increasing our use of renewable energy sources 

  • Measuring and reducing our full value-chain emissions impact 


Our elevated home dining requires high quality, revolutionary packaging. Our packaging goals center on: 

  • Increasing our use of recyclable and compostable materials  

  • Working to eliminate excess packaging wherever possible

Our communities

We're committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. Some of the many ways we do this are: 

  • Donating excess food to combat food insecurity locally   

  • Partnering with local charities, like City Harvest and Community Food Bank of NJ. Read more about our charitable partnerships here

  • Participating in local community events 

For more information or to get in touch with our Impact team, please reach out to [email protected]